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The 3rd Mini Album (would’ve been better if it actually had a name), released on 9.17.09, is Taegoon’s 3rd mini album.

As always with any of Taegoon’s mini-albums, they must have an intro song, so this is where 「The Beginning (Ft. 후니훈, 수앤) (Hoony, Sue Ann)」 comes in. Very techno-like, you hear Taegoon’s vocals in the background before a female voice comes in followed by a rap (sung by the guest singer). The female vocals come in again before going into background vocals. Like the other intros, this one is unnecessary, but it does have a very strong presence.

The promotional song, 「속았다 (Betrayed)」, is up next. Techno-ish instrumental starts up the song before Taegoon comes in with his vocoded vocals. The chorus then comes in, which is basically a lot of repetition, but it’s catchy. After the second chorus, some dialogue by (I’m assuming) Jooyeon from After School (who was featured in the Betrayed PV). The song then goes into the third verse and chorus before going into the last dialogues said by Taegoon. This song is nice and catchy, with the vocoder giving it its edge.

「말해줘 (Tell Me)」 features some electronica beats along with more vocoder. Taegoon comes in quietly (as in his volume compared to the rest of the music) after an introductory instrumental. The chorus is unique from the rest of the song as backup vocals come in to support Taegoon when he sings “malhaejueo (tell me)” which effectively makes the word pop from the rest of the chorus. Taegoon sings into the third verse and the instrumental stops before going into a rap (guest singer? I’m unsure) then precedes to go back into the chorus. The song is okay, but the instrumental is too dominant over Taegoon’s vocals.

Some more electronica introduces 「Finally」 with more vocoder (oh boy). After a few lines with the vocoder, Taegoon’s vocals are back to normal before going into the chorus which is very strong and powerful. He sings “finally” repeatedly during the chorus as well as, “you make me crazy”. The song is pretty much the same throughout the song and it’s an okay song. It’s strong and Taegoon really doesn’t sound like he usually does (or is it just me?) but meh, it’s not for me I guess xD.

Ending the mini-album is 「Step by Step」 which features an intro done by a guest singer. More techno is brought in this song as things quiet down once Taegoon comes in. The chorus has him singing, “step by step, step to step,” as the chorus mostly consists of English phrases. The third verse is more rap than actual singing, but it fits as it emphasizes “step by step”.

I wish Taegoon would just release an actual album already and enough with these mini-albums all in a roll. Anyway, Taegoon brings us some more great songs. I particularly loved Betrayed as well as Step by Step. Both are catchy and have nice beats. Just wished there was less vocoder though.


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Rising Star, released on 5.13.09, is Taegoon’s 2nd mini-album. Superstar was previously released as a promotional single.

Introducting the mini-album, obviously named, is Intro (feat. 혁성 from Space Cowboy, 김여희; feat. Hyeokseong from Space Cowboy, Kim Yeoheui). It sounds really similar to the last mini-album’s intro song, but it also has a seductive tone to it this time with the addition of a female guest singer. Very nice intro and definitely gives us an idea of what to expect.

Next is the promo-single, 슈퍼스타 (feat. 낯선) (Superstar feat. Nasseun). It has a similar to feel to the intro with Taegoon singing in a very seductive, sly tone as the English words slip out with a huskyness to it. The chorus has Taegoon focusing on the word “superstar” and there are gun bangs in the background that add to the impact of it. There is a section of pure instrumentation, which also acts as a section of pure dance in the PV. The song gives off a very strong impact and dangerous feel and makes the song all the more awesome.

Bye Bye sounds very technopop-ish as the song is introduced by the many “bye”s sung by a female and male voice. Taegoon sings with a slightly altered voice but still sings with confident strength. The instrumental begins to build up into the chorus which has Taegoon continuously singing “bye bye” as part of the lyrics. His ad-libs are very nice and definitely not irritating! In fact, they add more feel to the song. Another nice song that brings a different feel along with it.

네까짓 게 (Nekkajik Ke; As Insignificant as You) begins with the piano and what seems to be the electronica as Taegoon provides ad-libs and speaks softly into the song. He soon comes into the song with a more solid voice and smoothly goes through his lines. There isn’t a significant difference in the verses or the chorus, but once the “nekkajik ke”s come in, you know it’s the chorus. For whatever reason, this has a slightly American feel to it.

The closing song is Call Me (Remix) (Feat. H-유진) (feat. H-yujin) which was previously the promotional single for his debut mini-album, only this time this is the remix version. It starts with a DDR-like electronica beginning and the vocals come in. There isn’t any significant differences beside the instrumental and his vocals sound a bit more computerized this time around. After the second chorus, a new rap comes in (most likely done by H-yujin) and it then goes right into the last verse. New ad-libs were added in and then the song abruptly ends.

I’m impressed! Taegoon’s vocals have definitely gotten better than last time around (he was apparently vocally trained by K-pop singer Wheesung) and his songs have begun to become more diverse. Definitely going to continue fangirling over him, hehe ♥

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